Unrealistic Expectations

Have you had a patient so horrible that you wanted to cry in front of them, just so they could understand how rude they're being not only to you, but everyone else trying to help them at your workplace? Last week was a mentally draining week. I had to deal with a patient, we as… Continue reading Unrealistic Expectations



In some hospitals it is hospital policy to commence cryotherapy at day 0 post-operatively and continue for 20 minutes, every 2 hours for the first 48 hours while the patient is awake. Barry et al (2003, p.111) states 'as evidence for treatment effectiveness is contradictory and there are no clinical guidelines'. If you hospital has… Continue reading Cryotherapy

Osteomyelitis Continued…

When caring for patients with osteomyelitis nursing staff can be presented with significant challenges due to the long recovery times (Sheff 2005, p32). More than 80% of cases occur due to foreign bodies and/or prostheses (Khan et.al 2017, p.31). Working on a surgical orthopaedic ward I predominantly see osteomyelitis as a result of postoperative infections… Continue reading Osteomyelitis Continued…

Medication Errors

“Nurses are responsible for medication administration, and, as with many other nursing interventions, some risks are involved. If an error occurs, a patient may suffer harm or injury which may lead to a permanent disability or fatality” (Edwards et al 2015). Part of a nurse’s responsibility before giving patients medication is checking the 7 rights… Continue reading Medication Errors